Getting the Word Out

My role in the group project was to talk about achieving clean energy in our project video and talking about the data in the paper. I did research on some government websites to find out what the plan is for New Jersey to achieve clean energy, and also to look at where New Jersey stands now. This worked well because in the paper I wrote about data and we rely heavily on data to achieve clean energy.

Overall, the experience was good for me working with my group. I like to think that I was a good team member, I went to all of the meetings and contributed my part of the project. Our group was able to meet regularly every week, and since we split the project up equally I believe I contributed equally with everyone else.

Project Ideas

The idea that my group has proposed that I like the most is a light educational video providing fun facts and ideas to go green. I like this idea because it can easily be targeted at young people by making it light and entertaining to watch by providing quick tidbits on ways to go green. If we decide to go with this idea then we will make it easy to digest for young people and we will gear the video towards that audience, which I think will be the best way to spread the word among young people who are the future of our world. This idea gives us the flexibility to be light and funny but also serious if we need to be, and gives us a chance to be informative through fun facts that will be easy to understand and practice for people watching the video.

Stay Green in ’17

After meeting with my group this week, we started to really talk about the direction that our final project is going to go in. We chose the “Stay Green in ’17” style, where our project will explain how to go green in fun and easy ways. The main audience that we will be targeting are millennials, typically women who make money, since that is the audience most likely to embrace going green, according to research. The media that we will be using to get this message is out is most likely going to be a video. We chose a video because that will give us flexibility to publish across different mediums, and it will probably be the best and easiest way to get all of our information in one place. Twitter and instagram have limited space to make write text, and also has a limit on the length of videos. We feel that the best way to get our information out is in a video that will be all-encompassing and try to cover everything in a short 2-minute video.


The meme I posted above is the famous “Crying Jordan Meme.” The original picture was from Michael Jordan crying at his hall of fame induction speech. Since then, it has become a phenomenon to photoshop his face onto an athlete who lost a big game, in this case Cam Newton after he lost super bowl 50. It’s hard to explain why exactly a lot of people, including me, find these funny. Something about the perfect photoshop job combined with the confident way he’s dabbing, combined with the timing of the meme (right after he lost the super bowl) makes this meme and others like it funny. It kicks star athletes while they are down, like a form of trash talk. I guess people like laughing at other people’s expense, especially star athletes that are used to being on top.

This meme features a very famous scene from the movie The Dark Knight, a movie that a lot of people love. The text is an offshoot of what the joker says in the movie. Something about taking a really popular movie scene and changing the text to make it something relatable is why this meme and other memes featuring famous movies popular. The fact that you can take a famous scene and add any dialogue makes this type of meme reusable and popular.

This meme originates from a speech where Jimmy Mcmillan¬†says “The rent is too damn high!” This meme is interesting and popular for similar reasons that the joker meme is popular, because you can take any relatable text you want and put it in there, and the meme will work. This meme along with the joker one allows anyone to get across a funny message that is a derivative of what Mcmillan originally said.

I think the function of memes in today’s society is to make jokes and be funny on social media and with your friends. Even if you do not exactly get the reference, you can still get the joke. The memes that I have chosen are mostly used for jokes, but I have also seen people use them to try to make political statements, although I try not to take those seriously, as I believe that memes are mainly used to be funny, not for a serious political statement.

Video Project

The value of trolls in the digital world is determined by the person that they are affecting. If a troll is attacking someone on twitter for example, the only way the troll has any value is if the person lets the troll bother him/her. We have seen celebrities allow trolls to get under their skin, but we also see trolls routinely getting ignored by celebrities as well.

As for hackers, they can contribute positively or negatively to the digital world. As the reading says, hackers are a “subversive use for law enforcement.” Hackers can be used to catch someone that law enforcement is after, so they can have value in the digital world if they use their abilities correctly. Of course not every hacker uses their abilities correctly, and hackers can invade people’s privacy and cause harm in the digital world. It all depends on how the hacker uses his/her abilities.

Below I have placed a link to my own video that I made, which is a parody of an old TV show that you have probably seen. Enjoy!


Authenticity in Diy projects is very important because it is what makes the project unique. An authentic work should be something that the artist makes themselves, and is different from other works. Authentic projects should also be genuine and important to the artist. That seemed to be the case in the Minutemen reading. The music created by the minutemen was uniquely theres, and went against the popular music of the time. Their songs were authentic because it was there songs, and they wanted to be different from other bands. The minutemen certainly had inspirations, but they tried to make their music unique at the same time.

That it was I tried to do with my podcast. I made it unique to me and included sound clips and talked about topics that were important to me. Here is a link to my podcast.



My experience making the header tool through Gimp was a little bit of a frustrating one. I originally made a logo because the theme I had did not have space for a header photo. I got used to Gimp while making the logo, but after seeing everybody else’s projects I was afraid that I did the assignment wrong, so I changed my theme and created the current header that I have now.

Using gimp was a bit of a challenge at first, specifically when interacting with images. Resizing an image was challenging even when following the tutorial, because whenever I clicked “scale image” it scaled the entire project including the canvas. I later figured out that I had to hit “scale layer” if I wanted to scale an individual image. The other challenging aspects came from interacting with the layers, and copying and pasting images. Once I got the hang of Gimp and switched my project to a header instead of a logo, it did not take me too long to complete.


The emergence of zines from an underground subculture gave the individual the ability to share their ideas and express themselves in an easy yet creative way. Similarly, in today’s technology driven world blogs give the individual the ability to have a voice and express themselves digitally. Blogs, like zines, are not designed to make a profit, rather to simply start a conversation or let the author make his/her voice heard.While popular news and culture tries to appeal to everyone, zines and blogs are personalized and tend to relate to a small but passionate audience. As author Duncombe says: “Against the studied hipness of music and style magazines, the pabulum of mass newsweeklies and the posturing of academic journals, here was something completely different” (Doncombe 1). Blogs are simply the new digital way to have the author make his/her voice heard in the same way that zines were able to do that before the internet exploded.